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This is the ideal place to share your thrifty tips and help everyone save and make money and become Canny Squirrels.

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Cut pounds off your rail travel costs

There are lots of Railcard deals available that could save you ££££. We have researched the main 5 deals available. Click on the link at the bottom for more information or to apply.

Firstly, if you're aged between 16 and 25, or in full time education, you could make great savings on rail fares.

Get a Young Persons Railcard for just £24 and you'll get an incredible 1/3 off rail fares for a whole year!

Secondly, if you are travelling with kids? You can make massive savings with a Family Railcard. Up to 4 adults and 4 children can travel together, and you don't even have to be related.
Get a Family Railcard and for just £24 adults get 1/3 off rail travel and kids 60% off - for a whole year!

Next, if you're over 60 you could soon be falling in love with the magnificent savings on rail fares.
Buy a Senior Railcard for just £24 and you'll get 1/3 off Standard and First Class for a whole year.

Also, if you are a disabled person, you could save 1/3 on most Standard and First Class rail fares for you and one adult travelling with you.

A Disabled Person's Railcard costs just £18 for one year or £48 for three years.

Finally travel by train in South East England for leisure purposes, with a Network Railcard you could be saving on your train fares.

It costs just £20 and you can save 1/3 on rail fares in South East England. Save 60% on children's fares too.

Visit here for Young Persons, Family, Senior, DisabledPerson and Network Railcards.

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