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Making better use of TESCO Clubcard Points

Remember £1.00 in every £8.00 in the Uk is spent in TESCO - so make sure you maximise what you get back!
You get 1 point for every pound spent instore, online or at Tesco Petrol Stations. Tesco Partner stores: National Tyres, Marriott, Johnsons, Nationwide Auto Centre and a few more. Check out Collecting points You can also collect 1 GREEN clubpoint for each carrier bag you reuse and are now offering to have your grocery order delivered without carrier bags where you can collect 1 Green Clubcard Point for every 10 items ordered.
Vouchers are sent 4 times a year Collect 150 points or more in a quarter and receive your points as Clubcard Vouchers in your quarterly Statement. Each point is wirth 1p face value.
Tescos also offer a Clubcard Credit card available on the above site which allows you to collect points wherever you spend money. However...
Tesco's offer Clubcard Deals where you can exchange your Clubcard Vouchers for Deals and you get 4x their value. There's a huge range of Deals to choose from and you can use your Tokens to pay for all or just part of any days out, holidays and much more. I know someone who goes on holiday each year on TESCOS. Just think £100 per week at Tescos (not including fuel etc etc) - £1.00 in points per week - over 52 weeks gives £52.00 in discount vouchers. Convert this to TESCO deals and it could be worth over £200 of savings. Just think how quickly this could build up if you think about it! Visit the above link and select Clubcard then deals for more info.
Ask for a Key Fob clubcard - that way you will never forget your card! No Missed Points.
Use any vouchers you get sent for extra points - and remember if it says buy a CD and get 500 extra points - you can buy the cheapest CD in the shop and still get the points. £1.99 CD's here I come - remember to resell the CD on Ebay once you get the points!
Consider TESCO phone, mobile, electricity and gas - if you get a good deal you also get points too.

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