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Car Boot Sale thoughts

Have you been to a car boot sale before?
Having moved house, I decided that it was time to get rid of all the bits and pieces that build up over the years. I suppose there were a few options - (1) sell on ebay (2) sell on Gumtree and (3) Car Boot sale.

A Car bootery seemed the best option due to the volume of stuff to sell.

After doing a bit of research into the various car boot sales around, we decided to go to the biggest one - on a Saturday morning in Kinross.

After packing everything up on the Friday night into boxes and deciding on rough prices, the car was packed and ready for off.

We were told to get there about 8am as the boot sale opened at 9am. That would give us time to get the stand set up.

We arrived about 7.45am - and the place was packed! We were shocked thinking that we were early. We checked in with the office and were given a pitch to set up our stall.

Just as we got out of the car we were surrounded by people asking if we had CD's. Before we knew it they were in our boxes, flicking through CD's looking for a bargain.

They turned out to be Ebay traders looking for the most popular CDs.

As the morning went on trade was brisk, with a number of our higher value items selling quickly. A bacon roll and a plastic cup of tea, set us up for the second half of the morning. 8am until 1pm was quite a long time to remain focused, remain standing and remain profitable!!

Sore Feet and reduced trade about 12.30pm signalled the end of our boot sale experience.

We made over £300 from bits and pieces that would have been sent to landfill or kept for years on end in the back of a cupboard.

Would we do it again? Absolutely!

Have a look round your house and see what you have that's surplus to requirements and then book your car boot pitch.

Our Key Learns:

(1) Research the actual boot sales in your area - which one suits your booty?
(2) Plan ahead and arrive early
(3) Watch out for Traders - don't sell anything until your ready, and make sure that keep an eye out for chancers!
(4) Take a cash float with you
(5) Take a supply of plastic bags
(6) Browse other stalls to make sure your not selling your items too cheap
(7) Make sure you stop for tea!
(8) Make sure you give any items you have left to a Charity shop.
(9) Enjoy!

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