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Lessons from the Painters!

How do you find a painter that is reasonably priced, will do a good job and that you can trust?

Getting tradesmen can be very expensive and you often have no guarantees about the standard of their work, or how they will treat your property.

I'm in the process of getting some decorating work completed around the house, so I thought I'd share my experiences.

I decided that I would get three quotations for the work to be completed, so that I could ensure I was getting a good deal. This is probably the first key point - make sure you get more than 1 price!!

So I had a choice of 3 people - I decided to go on 1 recommendation from another Canny Squirrel, one from a flyer that came through the door from a Polish Company and one from a business card I found in the local post office.

It is really amazing the differences between each of the prospective decorators. The recommended painter came with measuring tape, notepad, colour charts and loads of options. He was really impressive and was so keen to help. He's gone off to put his quote in writing by post (not arrived yet)and if I agree can do the job in 4 weeks time (he's a busy boy!) 2nd key point - it's always key to be professional, organised and go that extra mile to ensure people feel valued and will recommend your services to friends. It is no surprise that he came highly recommended.

The polish company have just left. After a call off yesterday he arrived very prompt this morning with notebook and pen in hand, ready to quote for the job. Not so many options given here - especially around the woodwork and colours and finishes. He is very busy too, but could fit me in at the weekends or in the evenings - he has a big job on that will take 1 month to complete! He did however take my email address so that he could get the quote to me asap. He brought his diary and it was bulging with people to call and quotations to do! His flyers must be working. 3rd key point. If you have services to offer you need people to know you are there. Simple things like flyers are cheap to produce, but could keep you in work for months to come. Always think outside the box about how you can promote your business or services.

The final painter has also been (remember he was the business card in the post office). I called him about 11.55am to see if he could come to quote sometime and he agreed to come at 12.30 that day!!!!! Impressive Speed! He arrived without anything - no pen, no paper, no samples, nothing! I had to provide him with a pen and some paper to enable him to jot down my requirements. Technically he seemed to know his stuff and was keen to help. He said that he would call me at 7.30pm that night with his quote, which he did! I wasn't available to take his call, and now my voicemail has deleted his message, so I only have his quotation in memory. The final lesson from the Painters is - Under promise and over deliver - I was impressed by his speed to action. Always be prepared - pen, paper, business cards and the basic tools of your trade. Follow up important details in writing, so that your clients can reflect and discuss the details to help them make a decision.

I haven't heard from Painter 3 since he left the voicemail. He must be sitting thinking that he as too expensive and didn't get the job. Whereas the truth of the matter is, I haven't decided yet as I'm waiting on the other 2 quotations. How nice it would be if he called to check I got his quote ok and to ask if I had any questions - that might just swing it from him, if the other two are much more expensive.

I will let you know what the three quotes are......when I get them!!!!

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