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Millionaire Shortbread Challenge

You will see from the right hand side that we have started the MILLIONAIRE SHORTBREAD CHALLENGE to find the yummiest, scrummiest Millionaire shortbread on the planet.
I was thinking about this and thought I'd better tell you what Millioniare Shortbread is, just incase you don't know - because if you don't, you're missing out!
Millionaire Shortbread or Caramel Shortbread as it might be known down South, is a shortbread base, covered in soft rich caramel and then covered in thick chocolate.
No matter how many different versions you try, it is so diffiult to get the perfect Millionaire Shortbread! Either the base is too hard, too soft, too crumbly or the caramel is too hard, too runny, too sweet, or there isn't enough chocolate, or it's cheap chocolate that spoils the whole experience! Hence the need to find the best in the land!
What we want you to do is email us with your recommendations and scores for Millionaire Shortbread you have tried and we will compile a top 10!
That way, if trying to make and save money is tiring you out, you know where to go for a sugar boost!!!

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