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Are Supermarket Basics as good as brand named products?

Well, what a couple of weeks it's been. The markets have remained in turmoil - one day up dramatically and the next day crashing back down again.

People are starting to get worried about the implications and fall out of what's been happening this year. Unemployment is up and we are all more concerned about the future.

Supermarkets are changing their focus - When Britain is booming they bring out their expensive, high quality products such as Tescos "The Finest Range", or Morrison's "The Best" and charge a premium!

Look at any supermarket today and you will see the focus has changed - to The UK's Biggest discounter or Deal of the Week etc etc.

But the question is - Supermarket basic ranges are much much less expensive than brand names, but are they just as good quality?

Sainsbury has recently been voted Britain's cheapest supermarket - which is quite surprising really. Sainsbury has historically portrayed itself as a high quality, higher priced retailer.

Times are changing though and Sainsbury have brought out their blue and white packaged basics range - quality at cheap prices.

Last time I was in I bought some vegetables, grapes and tea bags to try them out.

The highlight was the teabags - 31p for 80 Tea Bags - Fairtrade!!!

Two immediate questions - 31p for 80 teabags - they must be awful!
31p for 80 teabags - how can they be fairtrade?

The teabags were absolutely fine - served them up to loads of people and everyone said they were great - before I told them the price.

Have you tried any Supermarket basic products - let us know your reviews!!

Give them a try and save cash!!


Anonymous said...

But are the Supermarket Basics (aside from the Teabags you bought) in general of quality?

I'm all for wise spending, but I have to consider like say---if the unbranded detergent is more effective in cleaning clothing stains as compared to the proven clean of branded detergent--you know? Cause I might end up spending more because I tried to act all mighty and holy in thinking cheap. Lol.

It has happened to me though numerous times that I buy cheaper goods and end up spending more. Oh well.

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