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I never pay full price for anything....well that's a bit of an exaggeration, but you know what I mean.
We should always be trying to get a better deal on the things we buy and the services we use.
With Loans and Mortgages getting harder and harder to come by, unemployment on the increase and fluctuating fuel and gas prices, every penny counts!

This is the ideal place to share your thrifty tips and help everyone save and make money and become Canny Squirrels.

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Freecycling - Get the bug!

The website that allows you to get what you need free of charge!!

I'm just back from Budapest - hence the reason for no posts over the last week! Budapest was superb - the country is developing really fast with lots of excellent bars and restaurants. It's really really cheap too - £2.50 for tea and a cake.

Anyway, I have found a new website that allows you to search for things that people are giving away "free to a good home!"

Visit and put in your town or city. This then tales you through to a message board where people post details of things they no longer need.

You will need to register and don't forget to complete your profile, so that you don't get loads of emails. Also you can select "batch" and this ensures that you only get 1 summary email.


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