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Everything is getting more and more expensive and we are getting worried!
We are going to search out the best deals available and look for ways to make and save you money every single day.
Here at Canny Squirrel we can share our ideas and make sure that we are all better off as a result. Come on in and be a Canny Squirrel today!!!

I never pay full price for anything....well that's a bit of an exaggeration, but you know what I mean.
We should always be trying to get a better deal on the things we buy and the services we use.
With Loans and Mortgages getting harder and harder to come by, unemployment on the increase and fluctuating fuel and gas prices, every penny counts!

This is the ideal place to share your thrifty tips and help everyone save and make money and become Canny Squirrels.

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A Film, cup of tea and a biscuit! Count me in!!

Here we have a couple of deals from Vue Cinema.

What night do you usually go the the cinema - Thursday - Sunday perhaps?

If you do, you are paying over the odds.

First canny tip is to go on a Tuesday evening - That's CHEAP TUESDAY!!

Instead of paying £6.75 you only pay £4.00 ish and you get a voucher for £1.00 off your next visit. This means the film next Tuesday will be pretty much half price!!

Also if you are an OAP you will get a special deal ever Wednesday at 11.30am.

You will get a screening, a tea and a biscuit for £3.00.

Finally if you plan to go for a meal before hand Vue now have a new restaurant booking service.
Book your meal online by simply completing the search fields for the date, time and number of people who will be dining. Our expert search will recommend selected restaurants within a close radius to your chosen Vue cinema.

Check back soon for exclusive deals and offers at selected restaurants including half price dining or eating out under £15.

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