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What about SKYPE? - Save money on your phone bills...


Have you heard about SKYPE?

So what is Skype?

Skype operates over the internet and offers free calls from SKYPE to SKYPE users and much much cheaper calls from SKYPE to Non SKYPE Users. If you use your home phone, or mobile, you should certainly investigate SKYE further.

You will need to have a broadband connection and a SKYPE phone. Phones can be purchased for as little as £27.00. It's sems to be really simple to connect the phone.

You can then phone or message them for free for as long as you like!

You can also use Skype through your computer’s broadband connection to phone land or mobile phones in many countries of the world at extremely competitive prices. A phone call from the UK to Italy currently 0.017 euros per minute! That’s less than 2p per minute!!!

So how do you get Skype

Firstly you need to download the Skype Software. This is really really easy and comes with a wizard to help you!

Next you need to choose a Skype name. This is the name people will use to call you on Skype. It’s that simple, all you need to do now is make a free test call.

This will check that your phone is set up correctly and your speakers are working.

You can then find friends who use Skype. Search by name, email address, location, or other criteria. You can also tell your friends about the services and get them on line and it won’t cost you anything to call each other.

Start making calls.

To call your friends simply double-click on their Skype name and you will be connected, just like your usual phone.

So what else can you do with Skype:

Video calling is simple to set up and offers a great way to see friends. This is ideal if you don’t see your family or friends regularly due to geography

Making a video call using Skype requires a webcam (in addition to your headset or speakers and microphone). These can be obtained really cheaply by clicking on the title above

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I've used Skype since 2006 and I think it's a great phone service. I had a friend in Scotland actually call my sell phone and house phone then we went and talked on Skype through the computer and the sound on Skype was the clearest between all three services. If you get a chance download and try it out. I would not recommend it however if you have kids using the same user screen or account through the computer (buy a Skype phone separate from the computer system) as it's easy to be found on there if the Skype Me option or status is left on and then you never know what strangers are chatting with your kids.

Good post!